Lee Love Stays True

Lee Love Stays True

It’s so important to stay in touch. A holiday or new project presents a great opportunity to create a meaningful promotion to remind people of what you can do. For holiday promos, try not to get too cliché and instead create something that reflects who you are. For example, check this out.

Photographer Lee Love sent this promo to key potential advertising and editorial clients for Valentine’s.


Lee told me,

Promos should be is about getting your name and brand in front of potential clients and making yourself memorable. With a name like Lee Love, how could I not send out a promo in February? I titled it, “This the month for Love, Lee Love.”

It would be easy to use traditional Valentine’s hearts and candy, but for a man whose work is far from “girly,” it was important to come up with a promo that was not too feminine.

I put together a few pieces of my favorite chocolate truffles in a nice red box, but then included a custom book with images from a recent personal project. This was a series on gritty Roller Derby Girls that balanced well against the chocolate sweets. The promo’s packaging reflected my company’s trademark red and black colors.

Here is a flipbook copy of the hard copy book that was included. http://LeeLove.com/month-of-love