Make Your Own Mask Promo

Make Your Own Mask Promo

This is a fun inspired promo from photographer, Ron Egozi. He took what could have been a typical “ordinary” photo shoot and turned it into an opportunity to do something compelling, engaging and a lot more fun!

Ron told me, “My mask series has been evolving for the past six months. I started this project after my son’s kindergarten teacher asked me to photograph the class last September. I knew I didn’t want to make documentary style cute candids or typical “school portraits” and since Halloween was a month away I figured I would teach the class how to make their own masks and then photograph the kids with and without their creations.

This work is inspired by my love of DIY art, fiction, costume, halloween, Ralph Eugene Meatyard pictures and a general interest in primitive and contemporary masks. I have been a commercial cinematographer for the past 10 years and I am finally launching my photography business.”

The color cover image was recently selected for American Photography’s 32 annual award publication!

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