Mark Katzman:  Thinking Inside the Box

Mark Katzman: Thinking Inside the Box

The Marriage Between Digital and Print Yields a Commercial Photography Portfolio for Today’s Changing Climate

“St. Louis, MO, 11/10/2011. A nagging question on the minds of commercial photographers and reps these days is how to present work. Do you go for the tactile experience of the printed book or the dynamic and vivid display of an iPad? How do you get the best of both worlds? Lifestyle photographer Mark Katzman has come up with one answer: Think inside the box.

Katzman’s most recent portfolio foray is an elegant combination of an immaculate, hand-printed book and an iPad – both integrated into a single hand-crafted object so beautiful that is screams to be touched. Carved from a block of solid Walnut, the box houses an iPad within it’s pencil-thin cover, while a hand-printed book is bound seamlessly and elegantly into it’s wooden body. ”

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