Meaningful & Versatile New Logo for Photographer Marcus Smith

Meaningful & Versatile New Logo for Photographer Marcus Smith

Your logo design is a graphic representation or symbol of your professional self. It should be used consistently across your promotional and business materials as an identifying mark. Logos can be more or less specific to a particular subject, industry, aesthetic style and of course one’s name. The strongest logos are meaningful and versatile, holding up across medium, format and varying sizes. A professional logo speaks to a professional photographer (designer, artist). If you are a photographer, I strongly recommend working with a designer to help with that process. The creation of an effective logo is one of the more difficult tasks.

Marcus Smith‘s new logo is a great example of a meaningful and versatile logo and brand identity, including the typeface for his name and color palette.

Marcus told me,

“I just finished totally revamping my visual identity. Everything all started with wanting a new logo. I liked my old logo, but because of it’s design it greatly limited to me in how I was able to actually use it. It looked cool on it’s own, but when trying to implement it within other things like postcards, portfolio book, etc. it just didn’t vibe well. It had a lot of small details that made it near impossible to have it embossed or debossed on anything, or even create a stamp. All things I wanted to be able to do in order to have some cohesiveness with the rest of my materials.

I consulted with designer, Michal Bohdankiewicz, who’s a freelance designer based out of NY, and he presented me with 3 different options to choose from. All of them were great, but this was the one I thought represented me the most stylistically. It’s very artful, and seemingly complex at first glance, but when you pay close attention it’s actually pretty simple and just my initials M.S. woven together which I thought was pretty dope. The red is actually a shout out to the Chicago Bulls, and is the same exact PMS color as their logo, which I thought was nice subtle personal touch that ties everything together.

After the logo was finished up, I hit up Scott Mullenberg for the book design. The book is 11×17, and the paper is Moab’s Pre-Drilled, Pre-Scored Matte paper. Now that I had my book all done, I went ahead and refreshed my website with a new design and some new images I had been working on along with a fresh new tumblr blog that matched everything else.

The last piece was the new postcards, which I decided to make with a red border. Other people may have done red borders before, but I figured I’d take that and make it something that’s mines. Every postcard I send from now will feature a red border. After a while I figure people will start to know it’s from me without even having to look at the contact info.”

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  1. Dave Kennedy

    Hi Marcus – Really love the simplicity of your website. Would you mind sharing who created it for you. I’ve been looking at 22 slides they are great, but just missing a few extra’s that I’m looking for.
    I love the fact that you’re hit with images immediately and the image sizes are great. Hope you don’t mind sharing. Cheers

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