Michael Indresano Conjures Summertime

Michael Indresano Conjures Summertime

As the days get shorter (it’s getting dark at 4pm here in New England) and colder, summertime memories feel far away. That is until I see Michael Indresano‘s wonderful summertime promo, which conjures warm sunshine, cool drinks and lazy summer days.

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 “Like any good business knows, you need to keep things fresh — or run the risk of losing your audience’s attention. Well, we like to keep our clients (and all you potential clients out there!) in the know about what we’ve been up to here at the studio via our blog, and you told us you were still thirsty for more.

So this summer we decided to lighten things up a bit, starting with what we had in our cups. We centered our summer promo campaign around refreshing drinks that would quench your thirst for more beautiful photography. Michael kicked off the campaign by producing a slew of thirst-quenching drink photographs, then we thought, “What good is a drink without a proper receptacle?” So, to keep our clients well-hydrated, we ordered customized drink tumblers and then even more ideas started flowing. So grab your tumbler, and take a few minutes to check out our photos below to see how the rest of the campaign played out… bottom’s up!”

Also check out the backpack giveaway (filled with swag including branded notepads, thumb drive with case, and pens) that were custom-made for the 20th Anniversary of Michael’s studio, which they gave to their best clients at their anniversary bash.