My Logo Design for Jill P. Mott

My Logo Design for Jill P. Mott

Working with photographer, Jill Mott to design her new logo was a great experience. We chatted several times via Skype so I could get to know Jill, her work, and hone in on her “brand” and desires for a new logo.

Jill is enthusiastic, serious about her work, authentic, fun, and has a great sense of humor – all of which I wanted to capture in the design of her logo. I was inspired by her love of color, pattern, travel and sense of adventure. Upon learning of her personal and professional connection to Zimbabwe, I explored the African alphabet and ideograms for inspiration as I ultimately wanted to design a logo that could work as a symbol with a unique visual form.

After sketching and exploring multiple options I designed a form that could be read in two ways – both as a J & M representing Jill’s initials and as the word “Jill”. We both really liked the modern, straight lines of the M in contrast to and joining with the curve of the J. We felt the logo worked as a unique symbol, had movement and character. We also enjoyed that there are pictorial references that could be interpreted from the form.

I refined the logo by paying close attention to proportion and spacing. Finally, we worked on color and I was inspired by the color associations that Jill gravitated towards. We both ended up liking how the orange circle adds some spontaneity and a dab of playfulness in contrast to the more serious nature of the maroon.

jillpmott_website jill_p_mott_card