Nate Powers’ Promo is Smart Marketing

First, target your audience. Second, give them something with your brand on it that they will like and want to use. Third, go a step further – give them something they will like, use and take with them to where other potential clients will see it and subsequently your brand. Now, that’s smart marketing, and just what Nate Powers did with his new promo. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but in this case, it pays off.

Nate says,

“I am a dance photographer and recent graduate of The Art Institute of Art. We frequently view this site for inspiration and new ideas for promo pieces and I thought to myself how could I create a promo thats functional and attractive to dancers and choreographers alike. I saved up and created the Dancers Duffle. The duffle bag itself has two interior slide in pockets and three exterior for water bottles etc. Inside the bag were the following items: A folder with resume, CD (with powerpoint Portfolio, PDF and Letters of References on it), Business cards and an Artist statement inside the folder, A Therapy band (crucial in the world of dance for stretching) A sweat towel, And the “Dancers Survival Kit”. Inside this clear plastic zip bag were canisters for Bobby Pins, and Safety Pins, a sewing kit for emergency back stage repairs, Hair ties, Advil packages, Bandaids and BioFreeze(gel painkiller), inside the exterior pocket was a 32oz water bottle with logos.

All of the products are shown above and were purchased through different suppliers. During our last week as seniors, we must display our work at the Portfolio Review Show. This year it was held at Heinz Field, stadium for NFL team Steelers. We had our displays and I built a custom made mini theater with lights and curtains. Attached are some images as well. The bags were a hit and all of my dancers LOVED them and even post images of where they take them. I have received images from Kanye West’s tour as a few dancers work for them, all the way to Radio City Hall for Rockette training camps.”