Natural, Honest and Beautifully Crafted

Natural, Honest and Beautifully Crafted

Natural, honest and beautifully crafted are indeed the words that come to mind when viewing this new portfolio book for photographer Jonathan Chapman. Taking the time and care to craft a unique and quality portfolio is paramount to representing yourself in the best possible light. Don’t miss such an important opportunity.

Jonathan’s portfolio is truly a work of art. “Our suggestion was to find a solution within the heritage realm — an object that feels like it could have been made by one of Jonathan’s photo subjects. We began compiling items of handcrafted inspiration made of felt and leather with thoughtful details like hand stitching. From there, Travis Read took those ideas and sketched out a great piece with just the right character and utility. We love it!” Nathan Strandberg, Eight Hour Day

About the new portfolio case and book, Jonathan and his team say –

“The era of all things digital seems to be pushing the print portfolio slowly out the door. We put our heads together to revisit the idea of a portfolio; one that retains the tactile beauty of a print portfolio (case, design, and a physical book) as well something that allows seamless integration of the iPad, showcasing the film side of our work. We coordinated some initial meetings to bounce ideas off graphic designer Nathan Strandberg from Eight Hour Day and industrial designer Travis Read, both creatives doing amazing work that we have had the chance to partner with on several occasions in past years. We went through many rounds and incarnations of case designs that could house an iPad for our video content, as well as hold our printed portfolio, business cards and smaller promo samples. You’ll see many case designs and the overall evolution presented in the imagery above.”


In addition Jonathan would like to acknowledge –

Tanya Silver is a producer here in Minneapolis who also helped line up several of the initial production elements and sat in on several concept meetings with all of us.

Tom Morgan
Quantum Graphics

Carolyn Petrie – Copy Writer
Content 911

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