“No Plastic Sleeves” Book Available

No Plastic Sleeves: The Complete Portfolio Guide for Photographers and Designers is finally available and shipping! If you’re interested in ordering a copy online, it’s available here through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com (as well as all other major bookstores).

About the Book
When you look at your portfolio, ask yourself:

– Do I stand out from the crowd?
– Do I communicate an effective concept and message?
– Do I demonstrate impeccable skill and craft?

Your work and the manner in which you present it is a critical part of securing potential employment opportunities and clients. Our unique approach addresses all facets of the portfolio process. Each step has been carefully planned, organized and simplified in order to maximize the potential of your portfolio book, website and supporting materials.

Key concepts, principles and techniques are brought to life through a vast collection of real-world examples, diagrams, step-by-step visual aids, a comprehensive list of resources as well as key perspectives from a select group of industry professionals.

This text will guide you through the complete process of conceptualizing, designing and developing all the interconnected aspects of your total portfolio package:

  • Objectively evaluate and edit your work
  • Develop a distinguishing self-brand concept
  • Understand and apply effective design strategies
  • Create a custom-made portfolio book
  • Translate and extend your ideas into an online portfolio
  • Plus develop integrated self-promotional materials and marketing strategies

Check out the Table of Content and Introduction (pdf).