Noah Webb’s New Site

Noah Webb’s New Site

It’s clean, functional, focused on the work and through the use of Noah’s brandmark has some visual style. The navigational categories are simple and easy to use. The clean white space allows one to focus on the image without distraction. The site also takes advantage of current web trends – utilizing CSS3, dynamic type and integration with an easy to use content management system.

Noah says,

“I was looking for a graphic, clean approach with large image display because I felt like my imagery contains texture and detail that can be lost. I came up with the idea to show my work through a large logo of my name. I liked how it introduced the viewer to my site with a subtle impact. Ben Borowski designed and contracted the gallery pages to be graphic and contain a flow. Read what he says about the construction below….”

“We aimed with this redesign to create an experience for the user that would allow them to take in a broad overview of the work without having to click small thumbnails. The content management system, based on a custom WordPress installation, allows Noah to curate his galleries and the front-end of the site employs scalable grid displays (aka “Masonry”) that wrap to the device or browser size. Large, full-screen images, rich elements, subtle transitions, visual effects, and beautiful design was the ultimate goal. We utilize resources such as Typekit ( ) to make use of dynamic typography and modern CSS3 methods to create effects like the 3-D “card flip” you’ll see in modern browsers like Chrome, Safari and on mobile browsers based on Webkit (iPhones, iPads and Android, for example).”

Benjamin Borowski
Typeoneerror Studios