NY Photo Festival 3D coverage project

Immerse yourself in the NY Photo Festival, May 2010

Press Release
“International Photo Festival Turned Into Virtual 3D World – Using an innovative technique, the event is being captured and turned into a 3D online display, allowing anyone to visit at any time, even after the actual event is over.

The New York Photo Festival (NYPH), the first international photo festival in the United States, is among the first organizations to employ an exciting new method to bring their event to the entire world. The festival, which showcases the future of contemporary photography, gets underway May 12th in the DUMBO (“Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) section of Brooklyn. But for the second time it will also be captured and rendered as a 3D online world, available to virtual visitors anywhere and at any time via the Web.

The 3D “coverage” is being executed by DUMBO resident Martin Lenclos. Lenclos creates 3D online experiences of actual events, through the interplay of photos and video interviews, all set in an evocative 3D representation of the event’s environment. Soon after an event begins, a virtual version is launched, which those interested can then visit and explore, both contemporaneous with those attending the event live, or at any point thereafter. The rendered 3D world immerses visitors in the environment of the event, and vastly expands the number of people who can experience it.

In association with BOX Creative LLC, a New York-based design firm, Lenclos has been developing the Flash-based application since 2008. Lenclos calls this 3D coverage “a new journalistic and artistic model for the representation of events, designed for proliferation throughout the web.” Like YouTube videos, the completed multimedia piece can be embedded in Websites and blogs, greatly expanding the potential exposure. Event organizers provide partners and interested media with a simple embed code for easy sharing.”

New York Photo Festival Coverage: http://www.martinlenclos.com/site/nyph10.html

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