On Press with Dan Busta

What a lot of time and effort went into this high quality newspaper promotion by photographer, Dan Busta. It’s a great idea for an out of the box portfolio. Check out the final product and images of the process below. Also, Dan had graciously offered to send anyone a copy who wants it. Contact him via his website at http://danbusta.com/.

Dan had this to say about the project – “About seven or eight years ago while I was studying graphic design I got into Stefan Sagmiester. At the time he had designed this great promo/lookbook for Anni Kuan. It consisted of a black and white large fomat newsprint book, essentially a newspaper. I loved it and obviously translated it to my photography work. I though it would be amazing to create a promo on this medium.

As time went on my interest has always been high making this newspaper. I even started seeing people using it more and more including another photographer, Cheyenne Ellis, Mykita Eyewear, and Roxy Clothing (Who has hired Cheyenne before, Connection .. Maybe)

So with that short history said I finally found a press and have commenced work on the Newsprint Portfolio Promo Piece. I was a bit concerned about what work to feature in the book. In the past I was working on a fashion newspaper with some poetry to go with along side large format fashion shots. That migrated into a portrait newspaper featuring worldly environmental portraits. Now finally my work has matured and so I decided to use a series I have been working on (on and off) for about 5 years. That is the Uniform series. All portraits from all scopes of life, photographed simply in front of a teal backdrop.”


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