Outdoor Adventure Photographer

Outdoor Adventure Photographer

After a day of outdoor adventuring you sit back and enjoy… a cold one of course! That’s what makes the idea of a Colorado brewed beer such a fitting gift from outdoor adventure photographer, Brandon Huttenlocher. The custom label is a smart choice and helps to make this a cool, unique promo that will surely appeal to its target audience.



Brandon told me,

“I had been brainstorming for an interesting promotional piece, for a few months, in addition to my regular post cards I send out to clients and potential clients. I had been talking with a few other creative individuals about what to do and none of the ideas we originally came up with captured my attention and were nothing new.  Being that I am an outdoor adventure photographer, specifically snowboarding, I wanted a piece that the individuals I would be sending it to would understand and appreciate.  After long days of thinking and bouncing ideas around I said something joking around but turned out to be the best idea I’ve had.


“How about I just send them a case of beer.”


I didn’t send them a case of beer, but I did send each person an individual beer. Everything was made just for them. I have some good friends in Colorado who have been brewing their own beer for a while so I reached out to them to see if they could brew me a batch for my campaign. Once that process got started I was busy working on all the other elements including, label design, paper choice for the label, where I was going to have them printed, packaging, etc.


About a year after I initially came up with the concept everything was completed and they were ready to ship out to clients and potential clients.”


Promotional piece photos: Ralph Clevenger