Personal Work by Josh Kohanek

Personal work is always liberating. You can let your creative juices flow, find your voice, and allow the work to take you on a journey, free of commercial restraints, deadlines and client influences. This promotion by Josh Kohanek is a great example of a promotional piece based on a personal project. He’s showing his audience what he wants to shoot, his style and manner of story telling. His artistic approach lets the body of work evolve and come to life over a period of time.

Josh says, ‘Every body of work comes to life in it’s own unique way.’ Musician “The Edge” has been quoted as saying ‘It’s the music that tells us the direction in which the song wants to go. As writers, we start with a feeling – and everything follows from that.’ Same is true with photography. This series shot at Gay 90’s has been mostly complete for several months. For some reason, I have been unable to let go of it until now. Even though shooting had commenced, the work continued to transform and grow. Additional time was needed to feel and observe the imagery…deciphering what it is and what it has to say.”

To view the entire body of work, check out his site at:

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