Personal Work Inspires Handmade Promotional Book

Personal Work Inspires Handmade Promotional Book

This informative and moving promotional book is a wonderful example of creating a meaningful promotional piece that is about something. It doesn’t scream “look at me and some great stuff I do!” Instead it is more subtle than that. The subject of the book puts the focus on others and helps to tell their story, while at the same time reflecting back on Mike Marques as both a photographer and human being.

Creating a promo that has value to others in it’s content is sure to make it special and unique – something that one can be proud of above and beyond whether it will help get you that next assignment.

The book is a 8.5” x 5.5” handmade book with images from the project and the story behind it. He also built a website dedicated to the project:

Check out the quick behind the scenes look at the production/construction of this piece:

Project Statement:

i am a MoSaic is a collection of images portraying Connecticut’s many faces of multiple sclerosis. It is collaboration between photographer Mike Marques and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Connecticut Chapter. As a dedicated volunteer and supporter of the National MS Society, Mike has traveled around the state for nearly three years capturing residents living life as fully as possible in the face of MS. More than 40 residents of all ages, races, genders, and abilities were photographed. This is a unique and moving portrait of the many ways in which people live with this potentially debilitating disease. Together, the images become a composite picture of hope and resilience.

Marques_mosaic_promo01 Marques_mosaic_promo02 Marques_mosaic_promo03 Marques_mosaic_promo04 Marques_mosaic_promo05 Marques_mosaic_promo06 Marques_mosaic_promo07 Marques_mosaic_promo08 Marques_mosaic_promo09