Photographer, Timothy Bailey discusses his latest promotion

It was quite an endeavor taken on by photographer Timothy Bailey, but in the end he created a promotion that really shows off his unique personality and shooting style. I was really impressed by all the thought that went into this promotion and all the inter-related materials he created to promote himself and his brand. Brand doesn’t necessarily mean creating a logo and tagline, but what it should do is communicate a focused visual (and often verbal) message that characterizes and distinguishes a unique point of view. Timothy was certainly able to capture just such a brand spirit with his latest promotion. It’s offbeat, funny (perhaps even a bit wacky!) and shows lots of creativity. This piece is memorable and distinguishable and that’s one way to know if you’ve created a successful promotion. In addition, all the time and effort that went into it speaks volumes about the photographer’s enthusiasm and commitment to his profession.

In his own words,
For the last 6 months I’ve been working on creating a promo that would turn peoples heads… AND ITS FINALY DONE!! It all started by sitting at coffee with my sister Hillary Bailey and trying to come up with a concept to introduce myself and get my work in front of some people that might like to work with me. Haha so we came up with a book safe concept cause I shoot humorous and epic narratives… So we thought a book would be a good way to tell a story!!

So I started doing research on how to get all the items for the promo and started designing the logo’s and layouts and figuring out all the different pieces needed to make this happen. So one of the the main things I needed was drawings of some of my images but since I can’t draw I asked a good friend Dylan Reeker who happens to be an amazing illustrator to make some drawings of my images for me. After a lil back and forth we came up with the look of the drawing and I couldn’t be happier with what he came up with!!

Once I finally got all the items needed I called a good friend of mine Jeik Catlin Ficker Williams of TANLINE PRINTING ( (who happens to be an amazing screen-printer and came up with amazing solutions for the problems that come with having a big imagination!!) So I explained the project and he was in… Luckily for the price of homie-hook-up haha so I made several trips to his house were we screen printed the cozies, books, sunglasses, stickers, and boxes!!! I think we did something like 2500 prints all together!! It was pretty crazy and a tedious task…

After finishing all the printing I started packaging each book which included… sunglasses, a cozy, two ice coffee packages, a call to action free t-shirt postcards, 7 postcards with my images on them, 4 tattoos, and a business card. Everything I put in the book is was meant to tell people a lil bit about myself… For example I only drink ice coffee, I have Tattoos, I drink beer, and I like crazy sunglasses!! So I started the daunting task to package all these packages and I couldn’t have done it with out the amazing help of Michelle Casey after three long days of packaging building boxes and labeling each package we finally made it to Fedex at 3am on the third day and sent THE CRAZY BOOK PROMO out!!

Now I guess I wait cross my fingers and hope that people are interested in working on some sweeeettt projects in the future!!


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  1. Fred

    Great idea by Timothy!

    Did he notice that in his headings, where you unlock the presentation, he spelled Treasure wrong? (Tresure)

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