Photographers Collaborate and Launch Magazine Promos

Figuring out the right way to promote yourself can be tricky at times. Marketing takes time, effort and cash. Working with friends can help to inspire, encourage and provide support throughout the process. Plus it’s just more fun. Check out the very first promos from GRAIN, “a photography collective, started as a friendship between three like-minded photographers working at the Naples Daily News, a South Florida newspaper.” Those photographers are Lexey Swall, Greg Kahn and Tristan Spinski. Together they launched GRAIN in 2012.

Greg says, “As we gathered materials to launch GRAIN images and send out our first promos, there was plenty more to think about than making images. We were all faced with marketing ourselves for the first time. But how should we introduce ourselves to a world? We mulled doing a newspaper promo since that was our background. But this beginning was more about establishing new avenues for our work. So we decided to go with magazines. And since quality was paramount, we went to MagCloud for printing.

The incredibly talented Deb Pang Davis jumped on board to design the magazines and we were off and running quickly.”

For more info: http://grainimages.com/2012/06/grain-inaugural-promos/