Photos in Context – Tim Cochrane’s New Promo

British photographer and film maker Timothy Cochrane shows off his work in this well done newspaper style promo. Tim told me, “[It's] in the style of a newspaper, the idea being trying to show a client what the photos look like in a tangible printed format.” The newspaper format works well in featuring Tim’s photographs and it’s a smart idea to add context to the images. A newspaper format also allows one to show off a lot of work while still keeping the size and weight manageable for practical purposes like mailing.

  1. Wpozit
    I like the print promo on newspaper. What is a good print services that prints on newspaper like this. I have been trying to find one, but I can't. Unless it is the local press, does anyone have some suggestion?
  2. Roger Kisby
    I'm wondering the same thing. What are some options for getting work printed on newspaper?