Pick A Subject for Your Promo

Pick A Subject for Your Promo

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Be known for something. Find your passion – that thing that you really love and go for it. Then coordinate all your media touchpoints – social, website, printed promos, etc, and tell the world (and especially niche audiences) about it!

Wonderful Machine recently shared with me an interview with one of their photographers, Heather Perry, who is National Geographic photographer from Portland, Main.

They asked, “Your work covers a broad range of specialties — why did you decide to focus on the swim photos?”

Heather’s response –

Swimming and immersion in the ocean has always been my first love, and remains my favorite specialty in photography. Of all the types of work that I do, the water is where I feel most at home. I’m very interested in going after commercial gigs where I can use these skills, and my water work likely sets me apart more than my other specialties. There was also a timing component – I work in the field 4 times a year with SwimVacation – we take people on week-long open-water swimming vacations in tropical places. I worked with my commercial reps to time a planned trip (December 7-13) with a takeover of the @natgeocreative instagram feed, all to be about a week after the promo piece would drop on desks. I included in the promo package a small card announcing the upcoming feed takeover, to invite art buyers to watch me create this work in real time. So all of these things were coming together to make a big push toward introducing commercial agencies to my on-going water work.

I sent out about 90 [promos]. My agents put together a comprehensive contact list for me, including a handful of content relevant magazine editors, and about 80 Art Producers and creative directors at agencies across the country. These agencies represent companies that have some kind of connection to people in water. It’s important to be in the front of an art buyer or editor’s mind when they have a need for special content.

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