Portfolio of Photographer Bill Lusk

Bill Lusk has been a passionate and edgy image-maker of the everyday and familiar for 15 years. His award-winning photography pushes the limits of environmental portraiture by engaging the viewer in a beautiful and wry look at otherwise mundane, overlooked moments. His sculpted lighting and mastery of digital technique heighten the viewer’s experience. Bill’s New York-based business keeps him traveling for clients like Toyota, State Farm Insurance, Principal Group Financial and Coca-Cola shooting ads, annual reports, and corporate as well as stock photography.

Making the Portfolio
Bill had the following to say about the making of his portfolio. “When Scott (Mullenberg) and I began working on my book, we noticed that the horizontal, somewhat panoramic ratio of many of my images should be a focus. We opted for this fairly large, square format with the intention of showing the work as spreads. I had seen some books that Scott made with two materials on the cover. I asked him about doing the same for me except that I wanted the materials to come together with a horizontal seam in a formal proportion. Scott hadn’t made such a cover before but agreed to give it a go. Within in a few days he had knocked together a stunning prototype; just what I was looking for. I have always had a big interest in architecture so as we began discussing the outside of the book I was immediately drawn to materials that suggested sculpture and substance. We settled on sturdy, black and aluminum looking leathers with good texture. And Scott embossed my long-line logo so that it works seamlessly with my branding.”

“I feel that I have a portfolio that does a really good job presenting who I am and the type of work one should expect to see inside the book. Props to Scott Mullenberg for being easy to work with and executing the design flawlessly.”


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  1. Andrew Ptak

    Forgive what must seem like a stupid question here – but I haven’t updated my book in years and have cruised along with my website, rather than sending out books. Now in a tough economy I’m having to send books again.

    My book (Pratt, I think) is a standard 11X14 with prints. i see so many examples like the one here, that appear not to be hand made prints, but printed material instead. Is this the case and are prints now considerd to be outdated? Is there an advantage to printed books instead?

  2. Jackson Towner

    Hi Andrew, I think it’s a good question. Seems like being a digital photographer is a must for getting commercial work these days, so therefore a printed book makes sense when targeting most clients. Proving that you can shoot, edit for a book sequence and print stellar prints all go towards proving those skills. Hope that answers your question. Good luck with the book.

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