Portfolio Process: Time-lapse by Photographer, Jeremy Bales

Dedication and craft – building your own portfolio book is certainly a labour of love. And I have to give anyone who takes it on a lot of credit for seeing it through. Like photographer Jeremy Bales, who recently shared this time-lapsed video with No Plastic Sleeves.

He says, “When I set out to make a full-bleed book, mounted and trimmed by hand I had no idea that it would take so much effort: making sure my prints would line up, carefully making cuts, scoring and folding gently. But the more I put into the project, the more I realized that the custom, one-of-a-kind nature of the book would be strikingly apparent to anyone who viewed it. The process became a weekend-long practice in zen. It’s one that I look forward to doing again when the time comes.”

Print Portfolio from Jeremy Bales on Vimeo.



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  1. andy

    -So what tape did you use to stick the prints together? how do they feel and turn now that they is stuck together? Good Work and Thanks,

  2. Jeremy Bales

    I used the Scotch 666 tape with the backing. Pages are quite thick, and some people have thought that two pages are stuck together, but for the most part Art Directors have loved it and asked what kind of paper it was (Fuji Crystal Archive C-print from myphotopipe.com). Some have a little warp to them, but that hasn’t been a problem and adds to the handmade look.

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