Promoting Photo + Video with the Barkers

Promoting Photo + Video with the Barkers

Kristen and Chris Barker came up with a great old school idea to help promote the new school reality of the convergence of photo and video. Creating a flip book! Looks like they had a lot of fun making it too!

Kristen told me,

My husband and I are Kristen and Chris Barker. We are a lifestyle photography and web video content creation team. We love following NPS and are continually inspired. So thank you so much for posting great content and less noise!

We recently sent out some packages to a select group of folks and wanted to share with you. We are based in Chicago and we have had a very mild winter this time around, so we grabbed a bunch of friends and took them “Sand Dune Sledding”. We did photos and created a little video to accompany. Along with that we wrote the music for the video. We sometimes find it hard to promote the motion side of what we do. We wanted to really highlight photo + video so we created a flipbook. With the flipbook we sent out a jar of cocoa, and a hand written note. Attached are some photos of the piece, and here is a video we created on our DIY process of making the packages.

An Orphan Christmas | by The Barkers from The Barkers on Vimeo.

Making Promos! from The Barkers on Vimeo.