Promotional Effort Is A Long Term Investment

Promotional Effort Is A Long Term Investment

When I received an email from photographer Marshall Troy sharing his summer promotion, I was blown away by how nice it was! Troy said, “To get into the spirit of summer, the idea was to send a ‘picnic basket’ to some dream clients that work with food – magazines, ad agencies, brands, reps, etc. We sent out about 12. We had boxes custom made to look like picnic baskets, inside and out, and then filled the boxes with a bottle of wine, a cloth napkin, a personal note to the recipient, and a book featuring some of my food photos.”

I also wondered what Troy’s ROI was on something so nice (and rather expensive). ROI for those few of you who don’t know means “return on investment”. And it’s a questions I get asked a lot when I speak to people on the subject of portfolios and promotions. So, I asked Troy if he would share his experience.

Here’s his response –

” I sent them to twelve people, most were hand-delivered in NYC and 2 went elsewhere. Within a day or so, I heard back from an art buyer and a rep, who both wanted to meet with me (meeting with one in the fall and the other in late July). I ended up meeting with another recipient, a photo editor, at the NYC Fotoworks reviews, and she told me to get in touch with her and an associate about shooting at their in-house studio. I plan to follow up with the other recipients in the coming months and try to meet with them.

My team and I had a blast coming up with the idea and making it come to life. We’ve already gotten positive feedback about the boxes, and I honestly believe that it’s a long-term investment. So I’d say it was worth it!”