Promotional Gift by Photographer Michael Winokur

Promotional Giving
Giving can be a great way of promoting oneself. Whether it’s a special event (like moving into a new office) or an anniversary (like 10 years in business) or a holiday, each of these moments presents a reason to get in touch, reconnect and get noticed. Targeting a few select clients (depending on budget) with a creative and personal gift will leave a lasting impression and ensure that you’re remembered next time a project comes up. Creative appreciation and thoughtfulness can go a long way towards re-establishing relationships and/or creating new connections with clients and other business associates. So, next time, don’t just send a postcard, see if you can go a step above with an inexpensive DIY promotional gift. Speaking of which, check out the following promotional gift by Michael Winokur.

Promotional gift by photographer Michael Winokur
“I love my clients, most are friends and all are creative collaborators. Each year I pick something that I can brand and give to them. This year I chose the Sharan SQ35 pinhole camera which happens to be sold by my friend Doug’s company Noted. The Sharan camera is a cardboard kit with a pinhole lens that makes square images on 35mm film. Since the kits take about an hour to build I figured none of my clients would build them – so I assembled all 25 cameras, packaged them with film and decorated them with custom “Winokur Photography” stickers. In previous years I’ve given “private label” wine. Since this year’s gift was so much more labor intensive than the wine I had to keep the list quite tight. The cameras went to my current clients and some very special dream clients. ” – Michael Winokur

More about this project can be found on Michael Winokur’s blog. Special thanks to Neil Binkley at Wonderful Machine for first sharing this project with me.

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