Re-design & Re-edit

Re-design & Re-edit

Jonathan Hanson recently worked with some talented folks to re-design and re-edit his website, branding, and develop some new promos. The choice of typeface, tight kerning (space between letters) and manipulation of A’s in Jonathan’s new logo design is really fresh and relevant – it’s sophisticated, yet bold, urban and has style.

It’s a smart idea to take a look at all the components of your brand and marketing every couple of years with a critical eye (both yours and those of other professionals) to be sure that what you use to represent yourself still works. What you might find is that it’s time for a re-design and re-edit. I recommend calling in some folks to help!

You can visit the new site at,

The website designer and developer is Chris Clark

Logo, promos and biz cards by Megan Lavelle,

Jonathan also worked with Jasmine Defoore to help him hone in his work and new approach to his website/branding.

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