Roger Snider’s “Big Rig” Custom Portfolios

Portfolio cover designs should reflect the personality of the individual and the work that’s included inside the book. This portfolio for photographer Roger Snider, is a perfect example.

“Roger Snider approached us a few months back to create a new photography portfolio for his niche specialty: shooting big rig trucks. After some soul searching, our photo editor/portfolio consultant Sean Stone came up with with an interesting, custom approach to the portfolio, and one that involved skulls and flames. I asked Sean Stone a few questions about his approach to the edit and the physical books themselves, which are fun to hold because of their glossy, metallic surfaces and custom-painted design.” – Neil Binkley, Wonderful Machine

“My goal is to make a book that shows a consistent style, unique imagery that brands the photographer, and also has marketability.” – Sean Stone, Photo Editor/Portfolio Consultant

Read Neil’s entire interview with Sean Stone: Click Here for the Wonderful Machine Blog.


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