Simple & Effective – Marcus Smith’s New Promo

Simple & Effective – Marcus Smith’s New Promo

Many of you have probably never done a promo before and are reluctant to take on something more costly and time consuming. So, start simple. An effective promo can be as basic as a postcard. For example, check out photographer Marcus Smith‘s new (and first) promo. With great imagery and a short contextual message these postcards do the job!

Marcus told me,

During football season this past winter, I was approached by Nike Football to help create assets for their instagram account. The project basically involved going to high school games and just capturing the overall environment. Since the players are considered amateurs, there are tons of restrictions placed on their pictures being used in anything that has something to do with a company. Because of that, I was restricted in what I could capture. During the games I would spend a few minutes capturing things for the Nike assignment, then decided to spend the rest of the time capturing things I could use for myself. I essentially turned it into a personal project called ‘The Great American Game’. After months of going to games and capturing all the shots, I needed a way to get them in front of people. I would have loved to do a book, or something more aggressive but that just wouldn’t have been very cost effective for me right now, so I decided the best way to go was to pick a few stand out shots and package them together as nicely designed postcards.

On the front is just the photo, but when you turn it around, the back has a little story about each shot as well as my contact info. I thought that added a nice touch to each card to make it a little more memorable without being too complicated. I designed the piece myself, and mailed about 150 to various art buyers and photo editors. This was my first real promo, and the response has actually been pretty great. Printing was done by online printer, 4by6 on their recycled paper stock. I’ll definitely be doing another promo like this soon. Nice and simple.


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