Simple Messages/A Unique Approach by Alexander Kara

This promotional campaign by designer Alexander Kara really caught my eye. The stark simplicity of the black text as bold message on a white background makes reference to the power of advertising copy and a simple poster – brought to life in the context of a more subversive “post no bills” propaganda style environment. The final promotional poster is also visually intriguing and certainly represents a unique conceptual idea.

When I asked Alexander about the project, this is what he had to say:
The aim of the project was to produce more than just a business card; an idea of collaboration between client, designer and the world around us, we need all these components to create an appropriate and successful design. The poster series was to display how simple messages can be effective in the world, in turn, enforcing the original concept.

Stickers were used for my contact details, for a practical and economic sense; my details (and i’m sure many other designers) tend to change (address, phone number), therefore this approach will ensure that the cards have a longer lifespan than a traditional approach.

business cards – front

hand-trimmed stickers

self-promo poster