Site of the Week: James Meakin, Photographer

James Meakin, London, UK

Great use of thumbnails and full-screen images. Navigation works well. Nice extra touch with the fade transition between photographs.



  1. Chris
    I love this site. The photography is superb - and the interface is subtle yet elegant in a way that adds to the presentation of the work rather than take away from it. Congrats! I hope No Plastic Sleeves will start a gallery section of the site where I can check out all the winners of site of the week - what a great resource that will be.
  2. Erik
    + Good pictures - Fade effect = any effect = annoying. Uses sound. Slow. Any navigation you need to explain is too complicated.
  3. Bobo
    I am with Erik on this, nice pictures (quite commercial) but the site is more an ad for the web designer than the photographer.