Smart Brand & Book for Photographer Dom Romney

This is a smart idea for a great looking portfolio book. Sean Stone (of Wonderful Machine) explains his process and idea.

Sean says -

“Dom told me he was prepared to spend a bit of money for something impressive, but reminded me that he’s “still a photographer” so price was certainly a factor. With this in mind, I started reviewing his images and brainstorming presentations. The longer I sat with his work, the more I realized that a standard portfolio wouldn’t be a good look for him, and that single shots worked better than pairs or spreads. I mulled this over, considering that something like a box of prints has the marvelous ability to be both a portfolio and a stack of leave behinds, provided you put your branding on every sheet. From there I arrived at my final concept, a perforated book which can be thumbed through and kept whole, or ripped apart and pinned on the wall. Dom liked the idea of creating a single piece that could be a portfolio, targeted mailer, and leave behind all wrapped in one. Or one hundred, for the moment.”