Smart Marketing from Photographer Luke Copping (With Some Help from Designer Shauna Haider)

Smart Marketing from Photographer Luke Copping (With Some Help from Designer Shauna Haider)

Luke Copping has some great advice I wanted to share with you. In his own words –

“Towards the end of 2012 I started planning some large changes to my marketing plan and how I promote myself. I had two major goals for these changes: to make my blog a central part of my marketing plan, and to get away from generic promo e-mails that had little more functionality than a traditional print postcard.

I am lucky in that I get to see a lot of promos (both print and digital) from a lot of photographers, illustrators, and designers – I request them regularly from artists I respect or who I feel are exceptional marketers to share with local photo students and interns during a regular marketing seminar I host. I have formed a lot of strong opinions about what I like and don’t like in promotions (turn-ons: simplicity, bold design, to-the-point copy, relevance, and a variety of choices on how you want to interact with the material. Turnoffs: buzzwords, bad links, no depth of content when visiting the site or blog) The e-mails that have really been standing out to me lately are those that have a newsletter/digest format. Rather than featuring just one image they feature 3-5 stories from a photographer’s recent projects accompanied by short excerpts of text and link to more in-depth features on that photographer’s blog.

Over a few weeks before the holidays I worked with designer Shauna Haider from (who originally created the identity elements that I use and is an all-around superstar) to transition from the e-postcards I had been sending out to a more versatile newsletter format that shares highlights of what I have worked on lately in a more specific and useful way. Shauna put together a wonderful and easy-to-implement template for me that lets me share stories from my blog with my readers, as well as providing direct access to my homepage, e-mail, and several social media channels that I am active on.

This sort of format just makes sense to me. It is easy to quickly read and understand, gets the point across without being overly obtrusive, features a range of current projects that recipients may find relevant, and gives them a choice of which stories they want to engage with and explore further. Last week I launched my first marketing campaign using this new format and in just the first day the positive response made it one of the most successful promotional drives I have undertaken yet.

I’ll be following these e-mail promos with a collection of simple large format postcards that feature the same stories from the e-mail campaign, like the ones below.”

Luke told me that the results overall on open and click through from a little under 1000 contacts from his existing contacts and targets – got him a 31.3% open rate and just under 9% click through – a good and solid improvement from his old version.


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  1. Marcus Smith

    Great design Luke!

    I’m just curious about what email service you used to send this out, and what type of subject lines you’re using to convince people that this is something they should open and not instantly delete. Thanks!

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