So You Need a Portfolio Webite

Whether you have an existing portfolio site and it’s time to update it to current web trends or you are starting fresh, below are 4 possible approaches.


A. Web Publishing Service
Out-of-the-box solution
Examples: Squarespace, 22 Slides, Cargo Collective, Behance ProSite
Select a Site Template
Desktop/Mobile templates available
No coding neccessary, although you can add custom code
Server space included
Use built in Editor to select colors, import logo, etc
Import content and add to templates/pages, build menus

B. WordPress
Purchase server space and url (Try GoDaddy)
Install WordPress (1 click through GoDaddy)
Select and purchase a portfolio theme (Try Themeforest)
Desktop/Mobile themes available
Install and “build” pages with componenets, use example pages and
documentation as resources to help
Learn Worpress CMS (Content Management System)
Use built in Editor to select colors, import logo, etc
Some CSS/HTML code knowledge useful
Some customization possible (requires coding abilities)
Import content and add to templates/pages, build menus
Add Widgets if desired

WordPress is an industry used platform and valuable to learn. Also great for blogging.

C. Design & Develop Your Own Custom WebSite
Highly recommended for a designer interested in pursuing a career in the UX field
Offers the ability to make your own unique website
Demonstrates industry skills that are in demand
1. Build it all yourself from scratch (this is what I did)
2. Start with a responsive boilerplate like Twitter’s Bootstrap for desktop & mobile
3. Purchase an HTML template and customize, Desktop/Mobile templates available

D. Hire Someone to Design/Build Your Website For You

For a lot more about portfolio websites and promoting oneself online check out the new 2nd edition of my book, No Plastic Sleeves: Portfolio and Self-Promotion Guide for Photographers and Designers . It includes among many other new areas and updates, an all new chapter on “Online Portfolios & Blogs.”