Student Portfolios That Make An Impact

Student Portfolios That Make An Impact

Hey there,

These are some student portfolios from graphic design students and alumns from Endicott College (where I teach).

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase, go big or go home. Your portfolio’s cover design is an opportunity to show what you are fully capable of. It’s a chance to grab someone’s attention. Make it bolder, take risks, leave an impression. Show that you can make cool, engaging, thoughtful stuff. Be uniquely you, have some confidence in your voice and you’ll be memorable.

Emily Bernardi

Portfolio_2017 (1) Portfolio_2017-2 (1)

Jake Sundean

portfolios 2017-2 (1)

portfolios 2017-3

Mackenzie Cunha

Portfolio_2017-9 Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 11.35.48 AM