Superb Concept Merges the Old & the New

This promo for photographer, Lou Mora, shines with a superb concept. Everything is excellently crafted and has a great tactile quality to it. The yellow phone offers such a wonderful surprise – because it’s not a gimmick but actually functional. It’s such a great idea to meld the “old” style phone that plugs into your smartphone. And of course the concept is – Call Him! For the cards – the color palette, typography and white space all work to focus one’s attention on the photographs in a nice, clean yet energetic and modern design.


Lou says,
“I created this promo to send out to a select list of people I’m looking forward to working with. It’s a custom designed wooden box with my logo on the lid. You can see the contents of the box in the photos above – a branded cover sheet, 4 fine art prints, a tear sheet with my partial client list and a telephone that plugs into any smartphone. i also wrote little notes to each person that concluded with a “call me!” Looking forward to the new relationships it brings and seeing what comes of all the hard work. I’ll keep you posted.”

It took a village to put this promo together and Lou wants to thank everyone who was involved for the part they played, and most especially Dylan Jones for all of his incredible design work.