Celebrate Color & Pattern

On the first day of spring I wanted to celebrate color (even while it’s still grey here in New England). This portfolio by animator and illustrator, Dylan Glynn was a perfect choice. Dylan was born and raised in Toronto and is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Animation program. Color, pattern and superb craftsmanship bring this portfolio to life. It’s a breath of fresh air. Dylan told me, “The organ
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Chris Sembrot Sets The Bar High With Latest Promo

When photographer Chris Sembrot set out to create his latest promo he set the bar pretty high – “keep costs low, be visually interesting and make it so great that it would be difficult to throw out.” He knows from his previous experience as an art buyer that it takes a little extra something special for an art buyer or art director to actually hold onto a promo. Melissa Hennessey told me – 
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Bryan Alano Takes A Risk With Denim

I really enjoyed this portfolio for los angeles based lifestyle photographer, Bryan Alano. Unique material choice, great craft and attention to detail. The denim makes this a real stand out and it’s meaningful and relevant – saying much more than your standard portfolio cover. It makes me want to see the work inside even more! Bryan took a risk doing something different and I think it really pays off. Wit
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Captivating Book Promo

This book promo for photographer Aaron Cobb is captivating and physically engaging. The photographs are arresting and the combinations intriguing. This book is sure to be memorable!
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Rudiger Nehmzow, Photographer

Portfolio Book, Dusseldorf, Germany
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