Make the Most of the Giving Season

Giving a gift is special. The winter months give us lots of opportunities with Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Valentine’s, and more. It gives us a good reason to show off that other kind of gift – ie “one’s natural ability or talent.” Of course talent only shines through with hard work and determination. Often this is true of promos as well – a good idea alone means nothing
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The Value of Pin Up Work: Dana Neibert’s New Promo

Photographer Dana Neibert‘s website and promotional work was some of the first work that I featured. It can be seen in my No Plastic Sleeves book published a few years ago. It was nice to get an email from him recently and check out what he’s been up to since. Check out his latest promotion. The box is meticulously designed and made, each containing 23 prints that can be pinned up and referenced when need
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Hand Made Box Connects to Photographs of Weavers

This promo for photographer Matt Nager is a nice little hand made box containing a note, 10 prints, and a hand made weaving from Oaxaca, Mexico. The box and note work well to help promote work from a recent trip Matt Nager took to Mexico. Weavers. Fall 2012 Promo Mailer. from Matt Nager on Vimeo. Matt says, “The box was made by Mullenberg Designs and follows my branding through the last year and a half both in
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Superb Concept Merges the Old & the New

This promo for photographer, Lou Mora, shines with a superb concept. Everything is excellently crafted and has a great tactile quality to it. The yellow phone offers such a wonderful surprise – because it’s not a gimmick but actually functional. It’s such a great idea to meld the “old” style phone that plugs into your smartphone. And of course the concept is – Call Him! For the car
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Mark Katzman: Thinking Inside the Box

The Marriage Between Digital and Print
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