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When Your Work Has Got To Look Good

There are few professions for which one’s means of self-promotion is more scrutinized and judged than in the creative industries. Which means you’ve got to have the work and find the best means of showing it off in order to make a name for yourself. With that in mind, check out this great looking magazine promo from architecture photographer, Joshua Dool. The magazine format will resonate with clients and
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Meaningful & Versatile New Logo for Photographer Marcus Smith

Your logo design is a graphic representation or symbol of your professional self. It should be used consistently across your promotional and business materials as an identifying mark. Logos can be more or less specific to a particular subject, industry, aesthetic style and of course one’s name. The strongest logos are meaningful and versatile, holding up across medium, format and varying sizes. A professional l
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Creating the Perfect Business Card

This is the perfect business card for travel and lifestyle photographer, Matt Dutile. Great concept and fun execution! Matt told me, A little over a year ago I made the move to NYC from Phoenix and knew I wanted a brand revitalization to go with it. A friend who had opened his business a few months back had worked with the crew over at The James Agency  and they put together some creative collateral I really enjoyed.
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Re-design & Re-edit

For Photographer, Jonathan Hanson
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Photographers Working with Designers

Photographer Dom Romney talks Re-Brand
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Business Card Impressions: Christian Garibaldi

Photographer Christian Garibaldi, Florham Park, NJ
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