When Your Work Has Got To Look Good

There are few professions for which one’s means of self-promotion is more scrutinized and judged than in the creative industries. Which means you’ve got to have the work and find the best means of showing it off in order to make a name for yourself. With that in mind, check out this great looking magazine promo from architecture photographer, Joshua Dool. The magazine format will resonate with clients and
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Concept Driven Magazine (And More) Gets Attention & Assignments

This is an impressive first promotion from photographer Brandon Haynes. With a specific target audience in mind (editorial and music/entertainment based clients), he was smart to chose a concept for his magazine – “Light v Dark.” The theme helped to frame the work and provide a cohesive context for the sequence of images that ranged over several bodies of work. But Brandon’s promo package does
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We Are The Rhoads Promo 2013

This smartly designed newspaper/magazine features some of Chris and Sarah Rhoads‘ favorite work. Type and image work beautifully together in this striking layout. Extra consideration with a gold foil deboss on the cover and the inclusion of perforated leave behind cards really make this a stand out promo. Sarah says, “The promo we sent out this year was an oversized newspaper/magazine hybrid at 15″
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Magazine Promo for Photographer Ryan Allan

This magazine promotion for photographer Ryan Allan is clean and straight forward, making for a nice presentation of his work. Ryan told me, I had wanted to do a promo magazine for quite sometime and after seeing a couple issues of Norway’s skate magazine Dank ( http://dankmag.com/magazine/ ) I knew I wanted it to have a similar feel. I contacted Dank’s designer Jørn Aagaard ( http://www.jornaagaard.com )
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Photographers Collaborate and Launch Magazine Promos

Figuring out the right way to promote yourself can be tricky at times. Marketing takes time, effort and cash. Working with friends can help to inspire, encourage and provide support throughout the process. Plus it’s just more fun. Check out the very first promos from GRAIN, “a photography collective, started as a friendship between three like-minded photographers working at the Naples Daily News, a South
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Sleek Agency Magazine for JK& Artist Management

Sophisticated Stand Out Brand Identity
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A Magazine Promo w/ Style

Luke Copping: "Making My Own Magazine"
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