Kristyna Archer Tells Her Story

With these two promos, photographer Kristyna Archer has chosen slightly different formats which both work well for a sequence of images and to communicate a narrative approach. Each promo shares a different body of work and together communicate the range of photographs Kristyna is shooting. She pairs copy and images together to tell her story about the work and who she is as a photographer. Kristyna says, “I am
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“Wander Over With” Winnie Au

The use of newsprint is a favorite medium for promos with many photographers. It’s a great format to work with – light, large-scale surface for images and it’s multi-page. This one from photographer Winnie Au is sure to win over clients and fans. Winnie sent out 300 tubes, which is certainly a significant mailing! Check out the teaser video. Check out the video.
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#HASHTAG Newsprint Promo from Brook Pifer

Fun promo from photographer, Brook Pifer. Newsprint is a great idea for a mailer. It’s a larger, multi-sequence format, less expensive to print, folds up great for mailing and lighter to ship. Mixing in the hashtag merges the “old” media of newspaper with the “new” media of social networking. Great way to keep things fresh. Brook told me, “I’ve been inspired by how instagram
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Photos in Context – Tim Cochrane’s New Promo

British photographer and film maker Timothy Cochrane shows off his work in this well done newspaper style promo. Tim told me, “[It's] in the style of a newspaper, the idea being trying to show a client what the photos look like in a tangible printed format.” The newspaper format works well in featuring Tim’s photographs and it’s a smart idea to add context to the images. A newspaper format als
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