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#HASHTAG Newsprint Promo from Brook Pifer

Fun promo from photographer, Brook Pifer. Newsprint is a great idea for a mailer. It’s a larger, multi-sequence format, less expensive to print, folds up great for mailing and lighter to ship. Mixing in the hashtag merges the “old” media of newspaper with the “new” media of social networking. Great way to keep things fresh. Brook told me, “I’ve been inspired by how instagram
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Nate Luke’s “Musky Old School”

Photographer, Nate Luke‘s “Musky Old School” promo is a great example of a promo that captures a “look and feel” created through specific visual references along with copy that together draws you in. This piece thoughtfully brings together image, typography, texture and form in a well considered promo piece that takes you along on a journey into the the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Nate says
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Journey to Berlin with Noah Webb

Great concept for the presentation of this body of work by photographer Noah Webb. This “passport” to Berlin is part of a series that Noah has done, each book dedicated to a place he’s visited and photographed. They really do look and feel like authentic passport books. Check out his Passport to Italy. Noah told me, “When people ask me what type of photography I like best, I usually respond th
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