Cool Logo, New Book for Photographer Luis Azevedo

This logo design and portfolio was recently submitted to me by Luis Azevedo, a photographer in Portugal. I loved his cool, modern look for the logo – working off of a contemporary, funky typeface. With a graphic design background, he also designs and makes his own portfolios and promotions. Check out his most recent portfolio book.
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Site of the Week: Fernando Guerra, Architectural Photographer

Fernando Guerra, Lisbon, Portugal http://ultimasreportagens.com About the site This site was recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by Fernando Guerra. Fernando says, “My site was ready just last month after a year of (in-house) work. The thing here was how to show almost 400 projects on an interface that is nice and sleek but above all: it works. We are the number one place to see what´s new regarding archit
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