Turing Client Work Into Self Promotion

We do some of our best work for clients. And of course we use this work to promote ourselves when it shows up in our portfolio. Sometimes though you can turn a client project into a promo all on it’s on. That’s exactly what photographer, Cade Martin did recently with the TAZO boxes he shot gorgeous imagery for. He got some great press and props for it too. Cade told me, “Here are the TAZO boxes from
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Color Themed Promos

These color themed promos from PlainPicture, a photo agency based in Hamburg, Germany, are eye-catching while still remaining minimal in their design approach. The promos focus on the agency’s “unusual and unexpected” photography while still grouping imagery around a common theme.   Aaron Vähi told me - The design of our print advertising / promotions is usually reduced and minimal as to put as
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Promotional Effort Is A Long Term Investment

When I received an email from photographer Marshall Troy sharing his summer promotion, I was blown away by how nice it was! Troy said, “To get into the spirit of summer, the idea was to send a ‘picnic basket’ to some dream clients that work with food – magazines, ad agencies, brands, reps, etc. We sent out about 12. We had boxes custom made to look like picnic baskets, inside and out, and then
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Nate Powers’ Promo is Smart Marketing

First, target your audience. Second, give them something with your brand on it that they will like and want to use. Third, go a step further – give them something they will like, use and take with them to where other potential clients will see it and subsequently your brand. Now, that’s smart marketing, and just what Nate Powers did with his new promo. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but in this c
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A Gift in the Mail, Cover Art by Noah Webb

Cover Art by Noah Webb & Seonna Hong
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USB Drive promo

Raina and Wilson are a photography team based in Canada.
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Where Are They Now: Anthony Georgis

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