The Beauty of a Hand Made Book (Chris Crisman’s New Promo)

It’s easy nowadays to get your own book printed. There are a number of decent “print on demand” online services like those provided by Blurb and LuLu. Many of which are fairly inexpensive and even provides color management and templates galore to choose from. A little tweaking and off you send your files. What you get back is fairly decent too. But with that said, there’s still nothing like creating your own hand crafted book. It’s like comparing a store bought apple pie to the one your grandma makes. If made well, the quality is just far superior – in the details, the textures, materials, size, proportion and the overall uniqueness of making your own thing. You can tailor the book to fit the needs of your work and the story you’re trying to tell. Not to mention, the incredible skill and talent it demonstrates you’re capable of. A hand crafted book says that you’re invested in what you do, that you’re passionate and care about every aspect of your work, including the final form its presented in. A well-made, hand-crafted book inspires and elevates any work to a whole other level. It makes it special.

Chris Crisman’s latest hand-made mini book is an excellent example of just what I mean.


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  1. yasmine

    Hi, just wondering if there is any way I can get in contact with the maker of this portfolio? I want to know the type of paper and materials used?


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