The Benefits of a Screw Post Portfolio

The Benefits of a Screw Post Portfolio

After working with some of the folks at Wonderful Machine (a production company with a network of over 700 photographers and videographers worldwide) on a good strong edit to his portfolio, photographer Shawn Hubbard decided to go with a custom, hand-crafted 11×17 screw post portfolio from Mullenberg Designs.

Post and screw is a removable binding for easy replacement of pages. To do so you drill holes into hard board covers and pages and uses book screws to hold the whole thing together. The pages can be single side printed or duplex printed. The screws can be easily taken apart allowing one to swap out and/or reorder pages as desired. There are a number of approaches with the covers themselves – options such as book cloth, a wrapped image, die cut, debossing and more. If you are working with a bookmaker there tend to be standard sizes. If you do it yourself you’ll have more flexibility with overall size but be aware that bookmaking is an art form and takes some skill to do well.

As Stacy Swiderski of Wonderful Machine states, “With this type of book, [Shawn would be] able to update it with new work whenever he needed and add supplemental content to better suit individual clients he met with. Our team helped him determine the best design, fabric, and sizing so that the book would complement his brand in the best possible light.”

For more about the Wonderful Machine’s edit and process go to –

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