The Multi Uses of Steve DeCusatis’s Portfolio Book

The Multi Uses of Steve DeCusatis’s Portfolio Book

“Form follows function” is a modernist architectural and industrial design principle coined by the American architect Louis Sullivan. It essentially means that the best design solutions should be determined by their purpose. And I think it goes without saying – also look good doing so. Designer, Steve DeCusatis‘s latest portfolio book is a prime example. Not only does the design and craft look great, the book is versatile enough to serve not one, but several functions.

Steve explains, “The focus is on craft, custom design, and lettering. The portfolio box also allows me to swap out various design samples when meeting with potential clients. The promo book is the leadoff piece in my portfolio but can also act as a stand-alone book if headed to a meeting. I can also use my promo book as a leave-behind piece or a mailer.”

Portfolio Box: Bella Forte (
Promo book printing and binding: Ali Doucette (
Photography: Sam Fritch (

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