The Power of Image

The Power of Image

Often I’m talking about the outside of one’s portfolio – the cover design, brand, etc. Today, let’s talk about the most important part – the work inside. The prints in your portfolio have got to look top quality to really do your work justice. This is super crucial for photographers. I recommend you print yourself as you’ll have more control over the final output quality. Of course, you’ve got to have the right printer, inks, color profiles, monitor calibration and of course – the right paper. All of which really doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Photographer, Jodi Jones recently reprinted her portfolio. She made sure to do it right and settled on a Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer (which only cost her $199) and Moab Scored Inkjet paper in Matte. The proof is in the feedback she got – “Creatives actually want to feel my images when they are looking at them because the colors are so rich and the blacks are simply astonishing.”

Jodi explains her process here – She says, “I knew I wanted creative control over the final look of my images and wanted to print my book myself…”

Check out her video about the process –

Printing Tips – what I used to print my latest portfolio from jodi jones on Vimeo.