The Power of Type & Image

The Power of Type & Image

Rüdiger Nehmzow is a German photographer whose portfolio book I featured on my site way back in 2009. This summer he sent me his most recent promo and I must say I’m a BIG fan!

I’m a graphic designer and LOVE type. First off, typefaces can have personality and create context within a particular style or feel. In the case of this promo, it’s strong, bold, urgent and modern. Graphically type has great structure – lines, curves and positive and negative space built right into the letterforms. As words they’ve got spatial rhythm, movement and pattern. Within a composition effective typography creates hierarchy and spatial relationships – especially with contrast in scale, weight. They create positive and negative space within a composition through the use of cropping and alignment against the edges.

And there’s copy – which is type communicating a message. Great copy captivates, is relevant and meaningful. Juxtaposed with an image a dynamic dialogue is created back and forth between the type and image(s) – often creating a richer, more layered and pointed message.

So maybe it’s funny that I’m going on and on about typography in relationship to a photographer’s promotional piece. But as Rüdiger’s latest promo so deftly illustrates, type and copy can be excellent assets when creating a promotional piece and used smartly only enhance it’s message and effectiveness – especially around a thoughtful concept such as this one.

Rüdiger told me –
“I recently did a small promo again, this time no book… instead: a newspaper, no three newspapers 😉 [This promo has] three different topics, with on message: What you can expect from me (as a photographer) when time is limited !

24h – shooting cityscapes of Chicago
36h – reportage of Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment; Production of a low cost digital X-ray system for use in emerging countries
48h – Portraits and reportage of Richard Kimani, CEO of Kevian Keny Ltd., producer of fruit juice concentrates, Nairobi, Kenya”

The designer, Anke von Bremen told me, “At the beginning Rüdiger wasn’t convinced about the type at all. He thought it was too dominant towards his photography. But being a promo to agencies we intended to show what graphic design, wording and photography are able to express in combination with one another.”

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