The Value of Pin Up Work: Dana Neibert’s New Promo

The Value of Pin Up Work: Dana Neibert’s New Promo

Photographer Dana Neibert‘s website and promotional work was some of the first work that I featured. It can be seen in my No Plastic Sleeves book published a few years ago. It was nice to get an email from him recently and check out what he’s been up to since. Check out his latest promotion. The box is meticulously designed and made, each containing 23 prints that can be pinned up and referenced when needed.

Dana told me,

Many of my promos usually follow some sort of a book format. But a lot of art directors and art buyers like to pin work up on their walls and sometimes don’t want to cut up a nice promo. So, I created a box of prints that would let them pick and choose shots that really resonated with them and they could pin those up their walls. If they really liked the promo, the box and the rest of the prints could be stored away with their promo stash for later reference. We printed 5000 of these and they were distributed over the course of year by my agent. Each box is hand assembled and sealed with a custom belly band. The whole presentation really makes you feel like you’re getting a little gift. We did 5000 of these boxes which contained 23 prints each.

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