The Web & Print Portfolio of Winni Wintermeyer

Winni Wintermeyer, Photographer

Photographer Winni Wintermeyer recently submitted his portfolio to No Plastic Sleeves. In addition, I thought so highly of his website that I’m featuring it as a “Site of the Week”. Check it out at

About the print portfolio, Winni commented, “It’s a Pina Zangaro Machina portfolio. My previous portfolio was square and completely homemade out of plywood…. [With the new one ] I wanted a warmer feel to it and finished the outside with a bamboo plywood. A couple photo editors have told me that they’re not too crazy about all metal portfolios since they tend to scratch furniture if not handled extra careful. Turns out that my customization wasn’t such an original idea because Pina Zangaro now has bamboo portfolios as well … but not in square, so I still have one that’s unique.”

Regarding his website Winni says, “I designed it so that on the front page you can get a quick overview of the work with big thumbnails. We all know that photo editors don’t have much time and everything loads pretty quickly just with HTML. The design of the individual galleries is very stripped down and I created a fluid layout that scales to different sizes and still looks good on a 30” monitor. There’s also an option to go full screen and navigate with the arrow keys. Image captions are hidden and only become available when the user rolls into the upper portion of the image. Even though it’s done in flash it “deep links” to each individual image. That way the viewer can bookmark and forward links of their favorites – a request I heard from a few art buyers.”