The Website of Photographer, James Quantz Jr.

Building a story, that’s what James Quantz Jr. does.
Taking what starts as a concept, James skillfully crafts what he captures in the camera into a one-of-a-kind visual production that grabs hold of the imagination in a truly remarkable way.

James’ terrific new online portfolio and iPhone website was created by the talented Michael McDonald, founder and creative director of Organic Grid. Michael was recently kind enough to answer a few questions for No Plastic Sleeves about online portfolio design and development. You can read that interview here.


  1. Justin Carrasquillo
    Justin likes this! Thumbs up
  2. Frank
    Good pictures, congratulations!!! Frank, Barcelona http://balapertotarreu.blogspot.com
  3. Peter Rodrick
    I wish my photoshop skills were this good! Simply amazing images.